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If your image passes your scrutiny then and only then should you evaluate the image quality of said image, this way you can spend your time efficiently instead of scrutinizing every one of the 200 images of your pet cat Snicker Doodle. Fae Savignano, Marden-Kane SVP, follows up on her “Good Criteria for Judging a Contest” blog with this closer look at photo contest criteria. What was the project theme and what did you think of it? 2. PHOTOGRAPHY EVALUATION/CRITERIA Name of Photographer: _____ Age _____ Photo Title: _____ An excellent photograph should have a center of interest and should tell a story. Dismiss Visit.. The following requirements govern the Bid/Proposal evaluation criteria: a) the evaluation criteria shall be proportionate and appropriate to the type, nature, market conditions, complexity, risk, value and objective of what is being procured; b) to the extent practicable, evaluation criteria should be quantifiable (such as Newborn Pictures.

Write a 200 words evaluation of your final photographs: Answer the following questions to cover all areas required to analyse the project you have just completed and produce a well-rounded evaluation: 1. Let me repeat that, your work flow should start with the evaluation of the composition.

Jan 10, 2019 - aerial #photography drone shops, #photography evaluation/criteria, music road trip, #photography t shirts nikon, landscape photography tips reddit, digital google map, car photography at night tips, Stay safe and healthy. We presented this list plus several pictures taken by CCJ members. Photography is, of course, as subjective as individual taste. Photos must be the original work of 4-Hers and have been created in the 12 months preceding this 4-H event.

If an image is your best so far, enjoy the image and your achievement. This list of criteria was used when CCJ judges were asked to select photographs taken by members of MENSA* a couple of years ago for an international photographic competition. After our selection the MENSA chairman asked us to come and explain what criteria we had used. I would like to expand the list of suggested Contest Judging Criteria as it applies specifically to Photo Contests to include updated entry methods, social media trends and promotional knowledge acquired in the past 2 years. What part of the project diod you enjoy the… But when everyone has had their say, the bottom line is that you now have evaluation criteria so that you can evaluate your own work. Then go back in a month or two and evaluate the image against the six basic criteria again.