Chloroquine, the cheapest of the anti-malarial drugs, is now ineffective in many regions. According to the World Health Organization’s World Malaria Report 2017 pdf icon external icon.

1.2 Statement of the problem The incidence of malaria among pregnant women in Kisumu County is higher than it is in other district despite of availability of television programs on prevention of malaria in pregnant women for example use of treated mosquito nets, sleeping under net among others.

Malaria is one of the most severe public health problems worldwide. There are 4 main types of Malaria parasite. It is a leading cause of death and disease in many developing countries, where young children and pregnant women are the groups most affected. It is exclusively spread by the female Anopheles mosquito and each year in sub Saharan Africa 2 million people die because from it.

Malaria is one of the largest killers of children in the world today. The problem is compounded by the spread of drug resistance, which affects many malaria-endemic countries. The problem of Malaria.

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