1 . Harry Potter fans take their fandom extremely seriously, but that doesn't mean there isn't always new stuff to learn about their beloved franchise. Harry, like his parents, is a wizard.

All of us who watch this movie now think of it as the S.I Unit for measuring the Magic Concept. Harry Potter Series is one of its own kind in the Magical World of Movies. Harry Potter, jeune orphelin, a été élevé par son oncle et sa tante dans des conditions hostiles. The foam in Ron’s mouth after he is accidentally poisoned is made from egg whites. When Harry was one year old, his parents were killed by a dark (evil) wizard named Lord Voldemort. 0 ... J.K. Rowling made a rough draft of the last chapter of the Harry Potter book series when she was working on the first book. Dressed to Impress. The least financially successful Harry Potter film made $90 million more than the most successful Twilight movie. Cette rubrique consiste à vous faire part d'informations que vous ne sauriez pas sur la saga. 50. In this list, we will be looking at 20 little known facts about the making of the ever popular Harry Potter films. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince ‎Warner Bros. Pictures. The role of Voldemort in the Harry Potter movies have been played by six actors.. Max Pixel.
Voldemort had heard a prophecy that his greatest enemy would be a boy who sounded like Harry. The word Dumbledore was an early English word for a bumblebee. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, test your knowledge and see if you know many of these twenty interesting facts about the Harry Potter films.. C'est donc l'occasion pour nous de lancer une nouvelle rubrique nommée "Harry Potter Facts": "Les anecdotes Harry Potter" en anglais. 25 . Eggspert ingredients. Aujourd'hui, nous fêtons l'anniversaire de Harry Potter, le héros de la saga éponyme ainsi que de son auteur JK Rowling. 21 “Harry Potter“ Facts That Will Knock You Off Your Broomstick. Harry Potter is a boy who was born from two loving parents, Lily and James Potter. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Facts 52.

Potion of Deception. In this article, we are going to present you Top 10 Interesting Facts About Harry Potter Movie Series that most of You Don't Know. 51. 42 Magical Facts About Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Mathew Burke Released in 2010 AND 2011 respectively, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows parts One and Two, capped off an enormously successful film franchise, based on the books of the same name. 0 . The dress that Luna Lovegood wears to Professor Slughorn’s Christmas party took two months to make.

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