Marketing history Market Research In The Beginning.

Coca Cola is always designed unique marketing mix to make it better than best (Coca Cola, 2016). By developing strategies that address the various aspects of each element, The Coca Cola Company will be able to achieve its broad marketing strategy.

It contributes to the highest sales of soft drinks globally. “For small income people it has small returnable glass bottle, for middle people it has small non returnable bottle and for higher income people it has Coke Tin”. Marketing mix for Diet Coke: Coca Cola developed a new product. The Coca Cola Company needs to develop marketing mix strategies to achieve its desired results within the market that it serves.

An example for such successful implementation of marketing strategy is Coca Cola. Therefore the Coca-Cola Company products can be considered a business product. This product is a diet drink by the name of Diet Coke. Also Coca Cola segments different income levels by packing. Coca Cola is one of the most leading company in soft drink beverage industry. Coca Cola was established in 1886 by Dr. …

The marketing mix has two variations, the 4ps, and more recently the 7 ps. It all started 130 years ago, in 1886, when a Confederate colonel in the Civil War, John Pemberton, wanted to create his own version of coca wine (cola with alcohol and cocaine) and sent his nephew Lewis Newman to conduct a market research with the samples to a local pharmacy (Jacobs pharmacy). The Coca-Cola Company has a fairly large product mix which contains about 400 brands, including diet and light beverages, waters, juice and juice drinks, teas, coffees, energy, and sports drinks (Coca-Cola Datamonitor, 2007). In Product Life Cycle there is distinct product process phases like Born, Introduction, Coca Cola Zero in Australia: Marketing Mix Strategy Analysis 1286 Words | 5 Pages Marketing Mix Strategy Analysis on Coca Cola Zero in Australia Introduction Marketing is a significant tool in the development and success of as a company or organization that is launching a new product in the market (Pride & Ferrell, 2012