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Between the creative resumes that go viral, video applications and the increasing need for everyone to have a digital presence, you might assume that it’s time to file away the traditional two-page career summary for something a bit more flashy.

The short answer is yes, resumes are still relevant, but finding a job is no longer about just having a good resume. A resume should be viewed as a tool in gathering information about a candidate, but not making the ultimate selection. It’s unlikely any job experience you have from 10 or more years ago is still relevant to jobs you’d be applying for today, says Jeff Altman, host of Job Search Radio. Hiring Managers have to find you! Kristi Birkeland on Nov 21, 2018 3:00:00 AM Back in the day, job search was all about the resume and cover letter. by Hudson. A more accurate answer is: Yes, resumes are still relevant; but they are used differently than in the pre-digital age. Resumes were created as a way to list past work experiences, job titles, and qualifications for potential employers. Are Resumes Still Relevant? As a professional resume writer, I obviously think resumes are still relevant, and will remain relevant for the near future.. The second way to figure out what skills are needed for a job is to search for people on LinkedIn who are already performing the role. The resume hasn’t disappeared yet, but its role is changing.

Alternatives to resumes include videos in which candidates discuss their qualifications. Where resumes were once about selling your unique skills and broad experience to a hiring manager; they are now about making yourself “searchable” to those same hiring managers. Here’s what I mean. By searching for a certain job title in the search bar, you can find a list of professionals who are already in that job and then search through their profile to see what skills they have listed, both in their summary and experience sections. On a good day, you remembered to change the company name before submitting. I’m sure you expect that as a resume writer, I will absolutely and unconditionally tell you that resumes are still relevant.
Why resumes are beneficial. Are Resumes Still Relevant? Overall I feel that resumes are still relevant, although I don’t feel they carry the weight they once did. What once was simply a scribbled list of skills and abilities turned into a requirement for job seekers. However, I have a caveat: they are now relevant at a different stage in the job search process than they used to be. Are resumes still relevant? They’re traditional, and they’re still the norm, but increasingly people wonder if resumes are still relevant to employers when there are newer ways to assess candidates. Dec 11 2016. Your level of responsibility and core job functions, not to mention accompanying technologies, have likely evolved quite a bit in the past 10 years and are only relevant to show how far your career has progressed. Most job seekers spent many painstaking hours creating the perfect template for each one, and proceeded to use them over and over again.